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Why a Boat is the best way to explore Malta

By February 24, 2020 4 Comments
Boat on the sea

4 Reasons why a Boat is the best way to explore Malta!

Imagine relaxing and partying on-board a boat while sailing around Malta this Summer… Sound like your idea of heaven? Then you’ll love our boat trips and charters! Enjoy partying, swimming, relaxing and exploring with like minded travellers and your own private skipper!

We’ve compiled four reasons why we think you’ll love our trips.

1. A Boat Trip is a great option for solo travellers, groups and couples

Our boat charters cater for a wide variety of groups – from couples to groups of 10 to groups of 70 – which means that they are perfect for groups of friends that want to book a whole yacht or Catamaran and explore the Maltese islands together. Chartering a private boat to yourself means you have complete control over who is on your tour with you! Cant manage to get a whole group together? No worries, we’ve got your back! Solo travellers will join your charter – where they end up having the best day of their life and incredible new friendships are made!

people drinking on boat

2. You can bring your own food and drink on-board

On a budget? No problem! You can bring your own food and drink on-board – including alcohol – ensuring you can set the budget accordingly! You have total control over your spending as we can also provide open bar and you can purchase the drinks on the boat, whereas for the food – we have several food and BBQ menus available at very reasonable prices.

food on boat

3. You have your own Skipper for the day

Our boat charters all include their own private skipper on-board – they are a wealth of local Maltese knowledge and can give you the best tips on which beaches to explore, where to eat and evening hangouts once you get back on the island!

own boat skipper

4. You’ll have access to secret swim spots

The Maltese islands has some of the best swim spots in the Mediterranean. One advantage of being on a boat is that you can access some incredible secluded bays and swim spots. You’ll even get the chance to go cave exploring and experience some breath-taking Maltese culture.

jumping from the boat


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