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Reasons to visit the Maltese Islands

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Summer sunset in middle of the sea

Top 7 Reasons to visit the Maltese Islands 



Malta (316 km²) is located in the heart of the Meditteranean – being 93 km from the south of Sicily, 288 km from the East of Tunisia and 340 km from the north of Libya, it occupies a central position in the Mediterranean, about halfway between Gibraltar (1826 km) and Alexandria (1510 km). Malta shares maritime borders with Italy, Tunisia, Libya, Greece and Albania.
The archipelago is made up of two main islands, Malta and Gozo along with four islets, including Comino which has a few inhabitants. The largest dimensions of the main island are 27 km on a south-east/north-west axis, and 14 km on an east-west axis.

The weather

The climate in Malta is very pleasant. Over a million tourists visit the Maltese islands, due to magnificent weather.
With an exceptional amount of sunshine and an average annual temperature of 18°C, Malta can be visited all year round.
The winter is among the mildest and sunniest in Europe. The hot and dry summer is the ideal season for boat tours, swimming, sunbathing and enjoying the upbeat nightlife. Spring and autumn are the best times to discover Malta, which is when the island tends to be quieter and greener.

Malta’s beautiful beaches

The crucial factor for sun seekers is the relaxed summer beach life. Some of Malta’s best beaches are located along the Northern and Western shorelines of the island, most notably Mellieha Bay (the island’s largest beach), Golden Bay and Ghajn Tuffieha Bay.
On the other hand, If you’re looking for quieter, smaller beaches with beautiful surroundings, Malta and sister island Gozo offer great options, some of which aren’t easy to find and therefore less likely to attract the masses. You can spot these beaches just by getting in touch with us.
Being on holiday in Malta is also an opportunity to go swimming and boating! Fine sandy beaches, rocky coves or turquoise lagoons – there is always something for everyone.

Vibrant Nightlife

Typical of the Mediterranean lifestyle, the approach of Maltese people to life is to appreciate and celebrate it as much as possible. Nightlife on the Islands is always hectic. There are plenty of clubs to visit, excellent wine bars and first-class restaurants to try out.
St Julians and in particular the Paceville area are the reference in terms of entertainment for young people in Malta. Here you will find most of the bars and clubs on the island.

The Language

Malta was part of the British empire for around 160 years (gaining independence in 1964), which shaped the country and its inhabitants, most of whom now have a good command of the English language.
English is Malta’s second official language, which obviously is a huge help for tourists.
For English-speaking tourists this means that communication forms little or no problem, which is an important benefit. Maltese, however, is still the country’s primary language spoken by the vast majority of the Maltese population.
One can also communicate easily in Italian, French and German.


The Maltese people are very open minded and always smiling. Maltese people are very curious about foreign tourists. They are very interested in the lives of foreigners and they are happy to talk about their cultural traditions. In Malta the greatest value in life is the family.

Best Sunsets

Malta is the perfect location to experience the most beautiful sunset you’ve ever seen. Talk to us and we can advice best locations where you can have such an experience. An example of a beautiful sunset spot is Golden bay.





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